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New Bracelets at the WSOP

The World Series of Poker has come a long way since its humble invention in 1970, you can play at sites recommended by poker-holdem-tournament.com site. With each new year, changes are made to the structures, programs, and even the events that will be played. The year 2012 will be no exception, with five new bracelet event being unveiled at the Rio Casino during the summer. Last year team PokerStars pro stormed the WSOP, each winning one of these coveted bracelets. These five events have largely been created due to player demand and may be just what the doctor ordered to shake things up a bit and bring more interest from the players. A quick look at the new events show how the organizing company is responding well to player requests.

One of the first new events to be announced was what is being labeled as the Mix-Max No Limit Hold 'Em event with a buy-in of $5,000. The structure of this event will focus on different size tables and the idea is that each day will be played with a different number of players at the table with Casino Gambling. For the first day, there will be nine players at each table. Following the first day, players will be randomly redrawn to 6-max tables. After the second day is completed, the remaining players will be seeded and play in a heads up format to decide the champion.

Another event that will see its debut in 2012 is the Heads Up No Limit texas holdem poker and Pot Limit Omaha event. Without any dedicated heads up Pot Limit Omaha events, this new tournament will require players to be skilled at both games as well as heads up competition. The expected buy-in for the event will be $3,000 and is expected to be a tournament that sells out with the number of seats available or play the Baccarat game.

Two more events that are being introduced in the coming year are a Four-Max No Limit Hold 'Em event with a buy-in of $2,500 and a Ante-Only No Limit Hold 'Em event with a buy-in of $1,500. It is this latter tournament that is generating a great deal of buzz between players and could be one of the more interesting structure of the summer, with no blinds and players required to put in an ante starting with the very first hand of play or live games at Global Live casino.

By far the most talked about new addition to the WSOP schedule is the $1 million One Drop tournament. As the name implies, the entry fee to this elite event is a cool $1 million, which will keep the field small and limited to only the best and most well-heeled players in the world. Organized in part by Guy Laliberte, founder of the famed Cirque du Soleil troupe, a portion of the rake will be donated to charity. Already, players have started to sign up, hoping to make sure they have a place at the event, which is limited to only the first 48 players to register. With such a high entry fee and large payouts to the winner, it is sure that all eyes will be on the $1 million One Drop tournament when this year's version of the World Series of Poker rolls around this summer.