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Finding the Best Intertops Poker Freerolls

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Since 1996, Intertops Poker has been one of the most established and revered online poker rooms in the business. As a flagship of the Horizon Poker Network, this fully licensed establishment is one of a handful of online poker operators that is accessible to US players. With an easy-to-navigate site and reputable practices, Intertops Poker has emerged as a leader in many areas of online gaming, specifically poker freerolls.

Poker freerolls are high octane and highly rewarding tournaments that allow players to amass big jackpots with little risk. Below, we'll help you to find the best Intertops Poker freerolls and understand how to best use these tournaments and promotions to your advantage.

What Are Poker Freerolls

Before we dive right into Intertops Poker freerolls, let's touch on what a poker freeroll even is and how they can be used to your advantage. After all, established players are well aware of freerolls, but novice poker players may not yet be so keen on the concept. In the simplest terms possible, a poker free roll is a form of poker tournament. Unlike a regular tournament, a freerolls tournament is free to join. You won't have to buy your way in to gain a seat. Additionally, freerolls tournament winners are rewarded actual cash prizes, not just virtual chips.

Players at Intertops Poker love freerolls tournaments because they are totally risk free endeavors. Since you don't have to pay-to-play, there is nothing to lose if things don't work out in your favor. For those just getting used to playing poker or looking to get their feet wet in online tournaments, freerolls present the best opportunity to partake in gameplay without losing big. Sounds almost too good to be true, right? Believe it or not, freerolls are common and legit, especially at Intertops Poker.

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Online poker freerolls are a fairly new concept, yet the actual concept has existed since the dawn of poker itself. In the modern day, Intertops Poker has modernized the freerolls idea to suit the needs of virtual players. Aside from offering key incentives to get players in through the online casino doors, they also strive to ensure that every Intertops Poker freerolls tournament is actually free from beginning to end. This may be one of the few times in life where there is such a thing as a free lunch.

Intertops Poker Freerolls Tournaments

Odds are now that you know a bit about what freerolls tournaments are, you want to get started at Intertops Poker. In our experience, Intertops Poker is one of the best sites on the web to join a tournament, especially if you are from the United States or Europe. Currently, Intertops Poker offers three key tournaments for players to partake in weekly, they are: the $25 Daily Workhorse, the $50 Weekend Warrior, and the $1,000 Freerolls Depositor. Let's break each type of freerolls tournament available at Intertops Poker down below.

The $25 Daily Workhorse is a straightforward daily freerolls Intertops Poker tournament that is held twice a day each weekday. Though you're not going to get a major jackpot or retire early on your winnings from this tournament, it's a great way to get your feet wet and engage in some online poker. First place gets $11.25, second place gets $7.50 and third place gets $6.25. Those who rank in fourth through sixth will get a free ticket to the Just One Dollar Tournament (not a freerolls tournament).

The $50 Weekend Warrior freerolls tournament at Intertops Poker is held once a week on Saturday nights. Unlike the Daily Workhorse, this offers up eight disparate prizes that add up to a handsome fifty-dollar pot. Finally you have the $1,000 Depositor. Obviously, this is the most enticing of all the freerolls tournaments offered by Intertops Poker.

Once a month, the $1000 Freerolls Depositor tournament is offered up as an enticing bonus to current Intertops Poker members who made at least one deposit in the month prior. For example, if you made a deposit in June, you would be invited to take part in the July freerolls tournament. The same goes for every month of the year.

Unlike the smaller prize pools offered in the weekend and weekday tournaments, the prize pot for this tournament is always $1,000. First place takes $187.50 and prizes are divided up from there. The actual amount of prizes handed out will depend on how many players partake in a given freerolls tournament.

Deposit Promotion

Intertops Poker offers one key promotion when it comes to freerolls tournaments: the Depositor Promotion. All you have to do is make a simple minimum deposit. As soon as you make that deposit, you'll automatically be qualified to play in the coveted $1000 Depositor Freerolls tournament. How much will you need to deposit in order to qualify? Intertops Poker asks that players deposit at least $25 at least one day before the end of the current month in order to qualify.

After you make your $25 deposit, you'll receive a freerolls ticket from Intertops Poker. Without the ticket, you will not be permitted to play the following month. All tickets will be given out around two days before the actual tournament start-date. Once you have your Intertops Poker ticket in hand, there is nothing left to do but wait for the tournament. You will not need to buy-in to the freerolls tournament with additional funds, nor will you have anything to lose.

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Intertops Welcome Bonus

Want a little help getting started at Intertops Poker? Whether you want to participate in a freerolls tournament or not, the site does offer a nice welcome bonus to get you cozy with their way of doing things. Generally, new players (those who have never held an account) are granted a deposit bonus that is a 200% match up to $1,000. Not too shabby, especially if you plan on mostly playing freerolls.

The minimum amount you can deposit in order to take advantage of this bonus is $25. While that may be a bit on the high side of deposit bonuses, it is worth it to gain an extra 200% match. Keep in mind, this initial deposit will automatically qualify you for that coveted $1000 Depositor Freerolls Tournament.

Note that in order to claim this generous deposit bonus, you'll need to go to the cashier on the site and select the bonus code button. Then you'll have to apply the current bonus code offer in order to actually receive your 200% bonus offer.

Final Thoughts

Freerolls tournaments at Intertops are an excellent way to partake in a tournament play without having to risk any cash on a buy-in. As mentioned above, the very nature of a freerolls tournament is that there is no buy-in nor do you have to sink any of your own dough into the tournament itself.

This is a nothing to lose type of tournament that allows all players the same opportunity to take the pot and win big. The only cash that may be involved in a freerolls tournament at Intertops Poker is if you want to partake in the $1000 Depositor tournament. For this, you will need to deposit at least $25 in the month prior to the tournament.